While we love memes and emojis, it's all about the storytelling for us.

Bea has always had a knack for social media, so when some friends asked her for help creating content for their businesses, she was happy to lend them a hand! In 2017, Bea decided to take a leap of faith and make social media marketing her full-time career. In no time, The Bea Connected Team was off the ground and running.

It all started with helping out some friends…

The Bea Connected Team by Numbers

Overcoming Underearning, The Five People You Meet In Heaven, and Raving Fans

Favorite books:

Later! It is user friendly and simplifies the scheduling process. It also has a great LinkedIn bio feature, which our clients love!

Favorite social tool:

Facebook! It’s the one where I’m most connected with my friends and family!

Favorite platform:


Favorite emoji:

I’m the mother of three girls who lives by the motto,- “anything is possible with the help of Google!” I’m proud to be a native Houstonian and a Board Member of the Houston Digital Marketing Association

You’ll find me regularly posting pictures of what I’m eating, using slightly more hashtags than the average person, and including a gif or emoji whenever possible! The best part of my business is telling my clients’ stories through social media and blog posts. I love helping them shine!

When I’m not brushing up on the latest social media trends, you can find me drinking coffee on my front porch, going to escape rooms with friends, or popping open a bottle of wine to watch a Marvel movie with my cat, Goose (named after the cat in Captain Marvel).

Founder and
Social Media Strategist

Bea Porter

Meet the Team

I’m struggling to pick between TikTok, Instagram, and Pinterest. TikTok because their algorithm is spot on and I adore the educational, loving communities you can find. Instagram because who doesn’t love looking at gorgeous photos, smiling faces, and sending hilarious memes to friends? And Pinterest because what mom/teacher doesn’t love attempting, and often failing, at all those saved pins we each have.

Favorite platform:

💚😁🤦‍♀️ I’m going to be honest though, I speak fluent emoji, so it was really hard to pick only three!

Describe yourself in three emojis:

I am the most organized creative you’ll ever meet!
When I’m not working, you can find me enjoying family time with my two very active, absolutely amazing boys and my incredible husband. If we’re not planning imaginary adventures out in the backyard, we’re probably busy planning our next family road trip!


Jamie Carmeli

My favorite social tool is definitely Later! I’m a numbers kind of gal, so I LOVE using their analytics feature. It also makes scheduling posts super easy!

Favorite social tool:

I could spend forever watching TikTok. It’s far too addicting.

Favorite platform:

✨ 📚 💭

Describe yourself in three emojis:

I love the creativity involved in helping companies flourish through social media!
I have a confession. I was born and raised a Disney nerd, have a love for all things Disney, and go to the parks as much as possible. I don’t even want to admit how much I have spent over the years on Mickey ears. I have also recently become a Star Wars fan and spend my free time re-watching the movies -somehow never getting tired of them!

Social Media Manager

Emma Bicknell

My favorite would have to be either Later or Canva. Both of them are so user friendly and make for creating content and scheduling posts a breeze!

Favorite Social Tool:

TikTok! It is way too easy to sit there and scroll through funny videos all night.

Favorite platform:

🤪🌞 🏔 

Describe yourself in three emojis:

I love getting the opportunity to put my creative and outgoing side of social media to the test!

If you ever need to find me, I will most likely be spending my time outdoors. Whether I’m at the local park reading, going on day hikes and camping with my friends, shredding the slopes, or starting one of my new hobbies, mountain biking! Living in Colorado has its outdoor perks for sure, and if you’re ever looking for a good brewery recommendation, I’m your girl.

Social Media Manager

Gretchen Angerman

I like Later! The layout is very easy to navigate and I LOVE the animated logo I saw in the training videos I watched. Asana is also super fun, it’s very rewarding to check off a task and get a little narwhal flying across the screen.

Favorite Social Tool:

I LOVE Tumblr! It’s great for browsing art, but I did get called old for using it the other day…

Favorite platform:

💗🥳 and :) (not to be confused with 🙂) 

Describe yourself in three emojis:

I’m an animation and design student with a passion for motion graphics! My dream is to create fun little animations that will someday make it to the big screen, whether it be a movie screen or the Jumbotron at a sports game. I’m a huuuuge Colorado Avalanche fan and I’ll talk for hours about hockey to anyone who would give me the chance. :)

Social Media Coordinator

Keegan Jones

Our Clients