How to Write an Engaging Tweet!

Twitter is a world of its own but that doesn’t mean you should be afraid of it! Twitter can be a simple and effective platform if you follow these steps to make sure you are writing an engaging tweet!


Tweets with some kind of visual do better than tweets with nothing but words. Whether its an image, gif, or video, add some visuals to your tweet to make it more appealing. Users are more likely to stop and read your tweet instead of scrolling straight past it if you have an eye-grabbing image!

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2. Easy on the Hashtags!

You may have heard that hashtags are great for Twitter. Yes and no. Depending on the topic of your tweet, hashtags may not even be necessary. Don’t use more than 1-2 hashtags on Twitter. Try to integrate the hashtag into your copy seamlessly as well. For example,

Copy without hashtag

We can’t wait for spring break! What are your plans?

Copy with hashtag

We can’t wait for #springbreak! What are your plans?

Using hashtags within your sentences, makes it look cleaner. For Twitter, hashtags are better for certain business campaigns or discussion topics that are trending. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use them. Just don’t go overboard.

Black history month spotlight

3. Keep it simple

Just like how we talked about keeping it simple with hashtags, your tweets should be simple too. Just because you have 240 characters, does not mean you should use all 240 characters. Of course, this doesn’t apply to tweets that are providing important information. However, if you want to engage and grab your audience’s attention, tweet something short and to the point. Most people on Twitter are there to scroll through content fast.

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4. Hop on current trends and memes

This one is important! If you want to stay relevant and trendy, you have to make sure you know what people are retweeting and talking about on Twitter. Trends and memes are a GREAT way to show you are relevant and provide a little fun as well. You can figure out what is usually trending by looking at the Twitter trends itself or looking at what your competitors or some of the bigger corporations are tweeting. You can never go wrong with memes.

Current trends and memes

5. Emojis are your friend!

Just like memes, don’t be afraid to add a little emoji here and there. Emojis are a visual universal language that can be just as good at conveying a message as text. Sprinkling them in a little here and there never hurts. Make your tweets fun and exciting with some emojis.

Emojis are your friend

These are just a few key points to remember when creating a Tweet. Other things to keep in mind are tagging relevant organizations or people, including links if applicable, and creating polls every once in a while.

Twitter is honestly one of the easier platforms in my opinion because of how simple it is. If you are worried about whether Twitter is for you or not, try out these simple steps for a month or two and see where it takes you! Have fun tweeting!

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