Chrome Extensions for Customizing Your Google Calendar By Faith

Whether you work from home like us or in an office, having a calendar with all your tasks is a must. If you’re like me, being productive is directly linked to being organized and inspired. Maybe this sounds strange to some people, but if you’re here reading this, you probably agree that there’s nothing more motivating than loading up your calendar and feeling like you. If you use google calendar to organize your days, you have to check out these extensions to customize your calendar.

Custom Background

The plain white background of Google Calendar can be hard on the eyes. This extension allows you to change the background to any photo on the internet or a solid color. You can even set different ones for each month if you want your calendar to reflect the seasons.

Add the Custom Background extension now.

Custom Colors

Google Calendar’s colors are very saturated and don’t necessarily look nice when you have many events scheduled. This extension allows you to customize the colors on your calendar using any hex code. You can use this to make a bunch of micro-calendars or to color-code your different types of events. For example, I like brighter colors for tasks and meetings and darker colors for focus times and daily recurring tasks. This extension is sure to put you in color-coding heaven!

Add the Custom Colors extension now. 

Weekend Highlighter

If you don’t have typical weekends, this extension is a must. You can pick any two days of the week as your weekend. It allows you to mark your weekend days in any color you want so you can easily separate them. 

Add the Weekend Highlighter extension now. 

Event Checker

This extension is very much about productivity. Google Event Checker lets you check off your tasks when you are done with them. So you get the satisfaction of getting to check things off your day. It’s especially helpful on days when you’re ahead of your schedule or have something come up that throws you off your schedule.

Add the Event Checker extension now.

Bonus Hidden Feature: Dim Past Events

Hidden in Google Calendar’s settings (Settings>General>View Options) is an option to “reduce the brightness of past events.” Sometimes our calendars get crowded, and this feature makes it super easy to see where you are in your week.