How Faith Makes 1 Week of Content in less than 30 Minutes

I’m a Social Media Manager at Bea Connected and have extensive experience in graphic design and photography, so making content is nothing new to me. But making a week’s worth of content is time-consuming for any skill level. And with the 11 clients I currently handle, it’s safe to say I’ve got lots of content to make every week. Here are the hacks that make creating client’s content a complete breeze.

Canva Templates

When creating content for clients, you want their content to be cohesive, and the easiest way to achieve this is by having templates for everything they post. However, to avoid their feed from looking like it’s all just templates that took no effort, you’ll want to have multiple color options for each template. You can also move around some of your elements to create a slightly different look. Below is an example of what one of these templates might look like. 


Another underrated tool that you probably haven’t ever thought to use is Pinterest. When you have vastly different clients, you can search for appropriate memes and quotes for a half hour every time you need to make content. However, if you make Pinterest boards for each of your clients and save content to them with all the extra time you’ll have after using these tools (wink), you’ll have a whole bunch of things ready right there for you to use. You can also have boards for memes and quotes that could work for any of your clients. For example, the section feature is super helpful if you have a client who wants to make reels because you can put reel ideas in a section and share it with them to use as inspiration. Plus, you can create a section within your board for things you’ve already used, so you don’t accidentally use them twice.

Future Content

Sometimes clients provide the content to us, and usually, it’s in the form of massive google drives or dropboxes with 100s of images and videos. Sorting through this can take a considerable amount of time, so I make a sheet in our client’s content calendars to put the links to content that would perform well. Of course, there will still be occasions when we have to sift through content to find the perfect video for a post, but it’s easier to hunt down one piece of content versus all five for the week of content. Also, make sure to add notes to the dropbox files you’ve used and develop a system for the google drive ones (we use the link sharing settings) so you don’t lose track of what has already been posted.

Faith Francke
Social Media Manager
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