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Having a strong social media presence is no longer a maybe for any business. It’s a must.


Do you have the required time, energy, and resources needed to build the social media presence necessary to set you apart from your competitors? (If the answer was yes, you probably wouldn’t be here reading this!)

You can’t afford to do this alone. Let us help you, so you can focus on closing sales, networking, and planning the next big move for your business. 


You’re Not Effectively Scaling Your Business Through Social Media

Throwing up a post on social media may seem like a simple task. But if there isn’t a well-thought-out strategy behind it, then you’re wasting your time.


Does this sound like you?

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You have a million great post ideas, but finding the time to execute them is not happening.

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You’ve had “create social marketing strategy” on your to-do list for months, but you’re overwhelmed and have no clue where to start.

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You know you need to post more, but don’t know where to begin.

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You’ve been posting consistently, but are frustrated that you aren’t getting the reach or engagement you’ve been going for.


The Bea Connected Team is here to take away your frustrations and lead you down the path to social media success so you can focus on being the boss.



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We’re Here to Strategically Build Your Brand

You know who your target audience is. You just need someone to take your hand and lead you straight to them.

The Bea Connected Team prides itself on:

  • Growing your brand through storytelling to attract ideal clients.

  • Sharing your messaging through your brand’s voice to create authentic content.

  • Ensuring you and your team feel heard, supported, and understood, so you know your company’s social media is in the hands of experts.

  • Making sure each client feels like they are our number one priority. Doesn’t everyone deserve that?

Your brand is unique and special. You just need the right team to shout it from the rooftops!

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We Increased Apara Autism’s Reach by 1,300%


The Challenge:

Apara Autism opened its center in Sugar Land, TX in 2019. They hired Bea Connected to increase their brand awareness, followers, and reach across their social platforms.

The Strategy:

We positioned Apara as a thought leader in their niche by providing resources to parents of children with autism.

The content we created reflected the level of education and skill their team had while resonating with families on a personal level by using warm and compassionate messaging.


The Results:

We nearly tripled Apara’s audience on Facebook and increased their reach from under 3,000 to over 40,000 people per month.


Thanks again for all you guys do for us. I’m so very very happy with our social media presence.

You do a fantastic job of understanding what we’re trying to do and just driving it forward. Appreciate you!

Tyler M.
Chief Executive Officer,
Apara Autism Center


 Frequently Asked Questions


  • Our agency started in February of 2017 with a single client. Now, we help over 30 amazing companies (and counting)!

  • No, our highly-skilled team provides all services in-house.

  • We treat each of our clients as if they are our ONLY client. We are genuinely your number one fan and want to see our clients succeed!

    Our expert team has over 10 years of experience providing digital marketing services for over 30 different industries. We really know what works.

  • We’ve worked with over 30 different industries. We’re proud to say that most of our clients have been with us for years! In fact, we still manage social media for our very first client!

  • We provide social media management for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Nextdoor, and Google My Business.

  • We focus on brand awareness for your company. We’re experts at telling your story, increasing your reach, and amplifying your engagement. Of course, an occasional organic lead will come in, but that is not the primary goal of our services.

    If you are looking solely for leads, we suggest you contact our sister company,

  • Brand Awareness is our bread and butter! Think of that billboard you drive by every day; we do that for your business, but the billboard is interactive and we’re able to target your ideal customer with it. Not only that, but we can retarget anyone who’s seen your “digital billboard.”

    In short…yes!

  • All our contracts are month to month. We recommend that you try our services for at least three months to see the full benefits. You can cancel at any time; we just ask for 30 days’ notice.

  • After the initial Strategy Meeting, setting up and optimizing your accounts takes 2 to 3 weeks. Apply to work with us here.

  • Our packages range in princess from $750 – $3000 per month, depending on your social media goals. We determine this during the initial strategy meeting.

  • We create a strategy based on your social media goals to determine how often and what we post. We follow an 80/20 rule on social media. Therefore, 80% of the posts will be something that “gives back”, i.e., information, tips, education, humor, free download, free event. 20% will be “asking”, i.e., click here, sign up for our newsletter, try our service, etc.

  • This depends on your goals, the amount of content you have, and your budget. We post a minimum of 3 times per week for all our clients and upwards of 4 times per day for some.

  • We focus on quality followers, not quantity. We would rather you have 1,000 dedicated followers who will engage with your page and use your services than 10,000 followers who will never click over to your website. Since we focus on reach and engagement, you will see an increase in followers each month by default.

  • There is no one answer for this. It depends on where your target audience is and where your competitors are. A quick social media audit will determine which platforms you should be on

  • Most clients see an increase in reach in the first 30 days of social media management.

  • Yes! We set up new accounts if you do not have them and will optimize any current profiles that you do have.

  • Yes, we send monthly analytics reports to our clients.

  • Yes! We create content two weeks in advance, giving you enough time to review and let us know of any edits before it gets posted on your platforms.

  • Yes. We create the strategy, the copy (the message that goes with the posts), the graphics, and schedule them across your platforms.

  • Absolutely! We check your account twice daily, Monday – Friday, for comments, messages and reviews and respond accordingly. We also invite people to like your page on Facebook and engage with other users on Instagram and Twitter.