How to Optimize your Personal LinkedIn Profile

Microsoft has recently reported that LinkedIn saw a record level of engagement in 2019 with over 675 million members and still growing. While LinkedIn rises the ranks of social media platforms, here are some ways you can optimize your personal LinkedIn profile to get the best results for you and your business.


A picture says a thousand words and so does your profile picture. Unlike your personal Facebook profile, your LinkedIn profile should have a professional headshot. No selfies, no pictures of you from your vacation, NONE OF THAT. Your headshot should say what kind of professional you are. Find a local photographer who is willing to provide you with good shots. Below are some examples of a good headshot of various styles.

Male headshot 1

Female headshot 2

Male headshot 3

Group headshot


Most people have headlines that dictate their position at a company which is perfectly fine, however, if you want to stand out and really present your skills and strengths, think about changing your headline up. Use keywords to maximize your chances of appearing in a search result.

Here is an example of a standard headline:

Marketing Associate at XYZ Marketing Agency

Here is an example of a more spiced up headline:

Trend curator helping purpose-driven brands bring ideas to life.

Keynote Speaker, Author, Storyteller, and Chief Experience Officer

SEO Specialist | Digital Marketing Guru | Writer | Entrepreneur

There are lots of ways to create unique headlines that fit you!


Your summary is your story. Highlight key experiences you’ve had in your professional history. Expand your skills and strengths in this section to encourage people to want to connect with you. Be sure to keep it concise and to the point, but still be descriptive of your accomplishments.

Workplace History

This one is a bit tricky. If you are currently in college or fresh out of college, it might be important to include most of your work history to show off your experience and readiness for the workforce. However, if you are a professional, your work history should only include the most relevant industries. Don’t include your high school job working at a fast-food joint if you are currently working as a senior consultant at an IT firm. It is not relevant to your industry or to your performance.


Don’t be afraid to ask your colleagues and your friends to endorse your skills on LinkedIn. Make sure the list of skills you have on your LinkedIn represents your strongest abilities as well as skills you want to show off to potential employers or clients.

Custom URL

Create a custom URL for your LinkedIn profile. Right now LinkedIn automatically generates a generic URL with a mix of letters and numbers. You can go to settings and change the URL to your first and last name. If you have a common name, try adding numbers like JohnSmith14. Custom URLs help your LinkedIn profile look cleaner and easier to find.

Ami Patel custom URL


If you have certificates you can upload them in the certifications column. This is a great way to verify your skills and certifications.

Overall LinkedIn should showcase all your skills and accomplishments like a story. It should be a visual profile of where you are now in your career and where you want to be in 5-10 years. LinkedIn is a great source to connect with other professionals who are in a position that you would like to see yourself down the line or connect with new clients who want to learn more about how you became a professional in your field.