Why Invest in Social Media?

There are two types of people in the world giving social media a bad rep. One, those who think social media is only for fun and don’t see why businesses should be on there. Two, those who use social media for their businesses but think 1-2 posts a month are enough and don’t see the need to invest anymore.

Well, both of those people are wrong.

Social media is not just for fun, in fact, more and more businesses are transitioning towards social media and taking advantage of all the services it has to offer. If you think social media is not good for businesses or if you only post occasionally, thinking your business will get noticed, you might as well just don’t exist to the digital world.

So why invest in social media? Here are some key reasons that social media is a necessity for any business nowadays.

Audience. Audience. Audience.

Right now you may have a specific audience that is buying your product/service, which is great! However, eventually, you’ll need to expand and reach out to other demographics. You will soon have a new generation of consumers. How will you try to attract them and gain their attention? You need social media in an age when most people consume digitally.

Social Media is Marketing!

If you wanted to advertise a new offer or special deals, you would invest in some form of marketing, right? So why wouldn’t you put those dollars towards marketing that can be targeted directly to your ideal customer? You can utilize your social media accounts to target a specific group of people, create a competition to get new leads and customers or post content that gives more brand awareness. Social media allows you to say who you are and what you have to offer without spending thousands of dollars on commercial or print media.

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Connect with your Consumers.

Social media has created a whole new way to connect with your consumers and has made it easier to leave reviews, share pictures/videos of their positive experience, message directly to the business, and find the latest updates on new sales, offers, services, etc. It’s fast, easy, and convenient. You can build a whole new relationship with your customers. Create a brand of transparency and appreciation.

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Overall, social media is here to stay for now. With a growing audience every day and the slow death of print media, it’s important to take advantage of it and be consistent with your strategy. If you ever need help managing your social media, just let us know. We might know someone who can help 😉